Thursday, August 6, 2009


So... Europe was great. It was great to meet new people and visit new places and get away from the ordinary for a little while (yeah, that was too many ands in one sentence and I'm going to leave it that way just to bother you). We started our little European tour in Utrecht. Utrecht is a beautiful little city in Holland. We quickly discovered that the primary form of transportation in Holland is bicycle (my kind of people). Brennan and I were smart enough to rent bikes for the week and that was a blast in and of itself (when in Rome... or in this case Utrecht).

We did 2 gigs in Utrecht (we performed more than that, but 2 actual gigs) and they happened to be back to back. As in one right after the other (about 20-30 minutes apart). We have never done that before and it was pretty stressful, but a great experience. Performing in Europe is a completely different experience then gigging in the states. The music that we do is more popular over there (as sad as that is).

We left Utrecht and rode on a train to Germany. We had a guide with us on this leg of the tour, which was fantastic. The first hotel we stayed at was actually closed, but they opened up the hotel for us (and only us). They made us homemade German food (which was incredible) and they drove us to the gig and then back home (we didn't even have to worry about it). I could definately get used to being treated like that. We got to perform for a great crowd. It was an outdoor gig and they stuck around eventhough it started to rain. They just put on their ponchos and pulled open their umbrellas.

The next day, we performed in a different Germane village called Rockenhausen (no. I'm not making that up). It was another outdoor gig, but the venue was at the hotel we were staying at. In fact, I could see the stage from my hotel room. We had a great crowd (some of which were actually dancing) and it was a great night to end our tour on. No rain, great people, fantastic food. I didn't want to come home, but everyone was telling me that I had to.

The flight home was a nightmare. Not that there was anything wrong with the planes or the service, it was just very very very long. I got a cold at some point during the trip, so I was sick on the plane which did not help at all. We made it home safe and sound and now (a couple weeks later) I am writing you all (I say that jokingly because there is no one following this blog and I don't think anyone is actually reading this) to tell you about that one time we were all treated like famous people.


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Anonymous said...

Aww don't be like that. It could DEFINITELY be worse - you could have a bunch of obnoxious fan girls lurking around your blog, stalking your every written word.
And then of course, there's me! ^_^
Oh, wait...nevermind.

(p.s. If you ever get the chance, try Black Forest Cake from Germany - cake will never be the same for you again.)