Monday, April 12, 2010

Hang Drum?

I'll admit it. I am a lover of the abnormal and unusual. If that abnormally usual thing just so happens to be a musical instrument... Uh... yeah. Side note: it took me literally 5 times to try to write an appropriate response to how excited I get when I find a new weird instrument and that was the best I could do. Moving on.

When I find a new weird and interesting instrument I immediately do two things.

1.) Wonder how many of my friends have known about this their whole lives and secretly hate them for keeping this wondrous invention a secret.

2.) Scour the series of tubes that is the internet to find out as much as I can about this newly discovered item that I will ultimately obsess over.

Why am I revealing this deeply personal detail about my inner feelings and thoughts? Because I want all of my faithful readers to suggest a new and cool instrument that fits the already mentioned criteria? Hell nah! I've accidentally stumbled on a gem that is so good I just had to tell everyone that reads my blog about it. Hi Mom and Dad.

WARNING! The video you are about to see is so terrifically amazingly awesomely stupendously cool that anyone who views it, must be prepared to want one of these really really badly. You have been warned!

Unfortunately, these are REALLY expensive. If you are fortunate enough to be on your way to Switzerland and happen to have $1000 U.S. to buy one, you are a lucky man (and/or) woman. If not, these babies are running at least 3 times that much on ebay or craigslist. In fact, the only one I could find was going for $6000. In other words, I won't have one for a VERY VERY long time, buts its going on the list.


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Anonymous said...

For one, I'm totally and unashamedly stealing your warning message because it's the awesomeness, and two - have you ever played a Djembe? They aren't rare or exotic or anything, but they're crazy fun! ^_^
I get ahold of one of those things and my neighbors on both sides end up moving!